"Shibata" was founded in 1948 in Otamachi, Rylang, Japan. Founder: Shibata Katsuyuki. It produced high-end Japanese-style and European-style tea sets in early years, both sold in Japan and sold to Middle East, Europe as well as the United States. Its "SHIBATA" brand in the Middle East market, in particular, in the Iranian market has a certain influence. The company name is "Shibata chinaware Co., Ltd." and the brand has "Shibata chinaware" and "Kyobataya" "SHIBATA ". Since the 1990s, Japan’s Shibata has gradually withdrawn from production, with the domestic ceramic trade as the main, and began to import large quantities of Chinese, European, Turkish, Korean, Korean ceramics and glass products. Its business has gradually degraded to the Japanese ceramics industry, with real estate rental and sales as the main business. In 2017, "Shenzhen Shibata" legal person Shi Hongbin wholly purchased share of "Japan Shibata" in "Shenzhen Shibata." In the year of 2018, the company has been re-establishing Japan's "Shibata Pottery Co., Ltd." in Tokoname, Japan, and continues to operate ceramic-related businesses, and strives to gradually restore the "Shibata pottery" daily-use ceramic products made in Japan.
In 2016, the production department of Shenzhen Shibata moved from Shenzhen to Hunan. At the same time, the production model has also changed from large-scale production to high-quality production. The product grade has also moved from the original domestic first-class to the world-class goal. At the same time, "Shibata" has also changed from a single-production enterprise to a brand-design-oriented enterprise. The variety of products has also started from a single ceramic to the direction of glass, furniture, bedding, clothing and even catering.
The future "Shibata" is not only the brand and design of decorative materials that lead the ceramics, but more will be a new and elegant lifestyle change.
"Shibata" looks forward to cooperating with every person or company that has a taste for life and sentiment, and hopes to work together to create an unfinished business and industry and share the joy and achievements of this entrepreneurship regardless of culture, religion, ethnicity and country.